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Building Adirondack furniture is a time honored craft Sturdy and rustic, this furniture can be a beautiful addition to any indoor decor, although it s most often used to set the scene outdoors There, the furniture is subjected to a lifetime of abuse Yearly it moves from somewhere hidden away probably dark and musty winter storage to front and center on the summer stage Now, hour after hour it is beaten on by intense UV light, drenched in driving rains, then fried again in the summer sun Through it all, the furniture patiently endures ever handsome, ever inviting, ever lasting To survive summertime abuse and the semiannual ritual of being dragged into and out of storage, outdoor furniture must be sturdy, rugged, and well built all qualities that epitomize Adirondack pieces This bulletin contains instructions for building an Adirondack chair, matching footstool, companion side table, and Westport chair an ancestor of the modern day slatted Adirondack chair Each project will take the moderately skilled carpenter less than a day to fabricate for the beginner, maybe a weekend.Learn how to choose the right lumber and hardware, complete with instructions for table, footstool, and the Westport chair....

Title : Easy-to-Build Adirondack Furniture: Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin A-216 (Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin) (English Edition)
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Easy-to-Build Adirondack Furniture: Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin A-216 (Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Sternenfängerin
    2019-07-15 09:08

    Hab diese total genialen Stühle in einem Bildband schon vor etlichen Jahren entdeckt .Aber leider fand ich keinen zu kaufen. Deshalb war ich total aus dem Häuschen als ich dieses Heftchen hier bei Amazon fand . Ist zwar auf englisch , aber für den geübten Heimwerker ist das kein Problem . Mein Mann hat mir mittlerweile zwei Stühle nach dieser Anleitung gemacht .

  • Holger Deutschmann
    2019-07-17 08:19

    Eine wirklich perfekte Anleitung um sich einen Adirondack-Chair zu bauen.Da ich diese Stühle selber herstelle, vermisse ich ein wenig die Praxisnähe. Die einzelnen Arbeitsschritte sind sehr gut beschrieben, allerdings für den ambitionierten Hobbybastler ohne das entsprechende Equipment nicht zu schaffen. Zumindestens nicht um einen praxistauglichen Stuhl herzustellen. Die Belastungen die durch Wind und Wetter entstehen, verlangen nicht nur eine gute Ausführung sondern eine perfekte Oberfläschenbehandlung. Und handelsübliche Schrauben rosten nach kürzster Zeit und hinterlassen unschöne Rückstände auf dem Holz.

  • Holger
    2019-07-05 11:19

    Auf der Suche nach einer Bauanleitung für einen Adirondack Stuhl bin ich auf diese Anleitung gestoßen. Sie hat meine Erwartungen voll erfüllt. Es finden sich Maße und Baupläne sowie gute Hinweise für die Verarbeitung des Holzes. Zum "Standardmodell" gibt es darüber hinaus Alternativen: Mit gewölbtem Sitz oder gewölbter Lehne kann der Stuhl auch geplant und gebaut werden.Dazu sind Anleitungen für Fußschemel, Tisch und Westport Chair enthalten: tolles Buch für diejenigen, die heimwerken können und wollen, um preiswerter an den stylischen Stuhl zu kommen. Im Internet sind sie für ab 120,- € aufwärts zu bekommen, Buch und Einzelteile für den Bau sind deutlich preiswerter.

  • Andy in Washington
    2019-06-25 11:26

    I just finished my first two chairs based on plans from this book, and for the most part am pleased. I am somewhere between a novice and intermediate carpenter, and found the book reasonably easy to use. Two chairs took about 2 weeks to finish, with an hour or so spent most nights.The good points: There is a complete materials set. The instructions are straight-forward and logical (except as noted below). The end result is a fairly good looking chair.The bad points: The directions include an option for a slightly rounded chair, rather than just a flat back which I find uncomfortable. Instead of just making this a completely new set of directions, there was a whole set of modifications to the existing instructions. They were a little confusing, and required a lot of page flipping to integrate. How much more could it have cost to just add another page or two to the book? Also, there were an option for a profiled seat, but no specifics. While it is true that this is somewhat of a personal preference item, the book only offered an instruction to figure out what was comfortable to you. There should have been a general suggestion as to a profile. If you want a rounded seat, you are on your own. Summary: I found the shortcomings above to be problematic. I bought the book because I just wanted to cut and screw together wood without a whole lot of thinking. If I wanted to design a chair, I would have done that. I ended up doing a bit of work creating a seat profile. Other than that, it was ok. It was better than some of the other books I have seen for clarity and description, and it was obvious that the author had actually built a chair from the plans. I have seen plans that were more detailed and complete for the options listed above, but this is certainly a good jumping off point. And if you are comfortable in a flat-backed non-profiled seat chair, the instructions are perfect.

  • Hill Country Bob
    2019-06-27 16:09

    This one is for the home handyman who wants to have Adirondack chairs, foot stools and tables. Well done directions for anyone who has and can use simple tools. She tells you what materials and tools are needed and there are detailed directions on how to make the furniture. Well done directions to making your own great Adirondack furniture. I really love Adirondack chairs as I am sure many others do who have ever used one.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-07-16 08:23

    I love this book. I'm a novice at woodworking and also a visual learner. This book was super easy for me to use. The instructions were very simple and it also gives a picture for each step. I just completed my first chair and do it stool in a day and a half.

  • Bob Richardson
    2019-06-24 13:34

    good book

  • ESU 2842
    2019-07-15 11:32

    Not worth the price, the internet gives same how too for free