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Guided Chaos is an advanced, esoteric and adaptive self defense system invented by former forensic crime scene expert John Perkins in 1978 It is completely unique, stunningly effective and takes many years to master However, not everyone has that kind of timeand violent criminals aren t going to wait The average person needs street and battle tested methods that can be learned and mastered quickly That s where Guided Chaos COMBATIVES GCC comes in GCC is the first part of Guided Chaos and is remarkably simple It is a self contained system comprised of basic World War II era strikes and strategies that were designed to be taught to our troops in mere hours before shipping out for jungle warfare in the Pacific against the Japanese, who were all presumed to be karate and judo experts John Perkins, who is a certified Grandmaster in Combat Martial Arts under the International Combat Martial Arts Federation, has modified and improved these techniques by imbuing them with some of the far advanced motion principles of Guided Chaos, the most important of which being Dropping Energy, a way of delivering powerful strikes without winding up or chambering It also improves dynamic balance, which is essential for survival when fighting for your life GCC is extremely easy to learn and practice on your own and can be mastered in mere weeks with diligent practice How to Fight for Your Life contains principles, photos, diagrams, checklists, strategies and training regimens found nowhere else and designed to quickly maximize your ability to survive criminal violence....

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How to Fight for Your Life (Guided Chaos Combatives) Reviews

  • Warrior74
    2019-07-30 03:07

    The "guided chaos" idea is very realistic and and I really like these concepts and principles. If you are looking for real training and if your are open minded - I could recommend to read that book !

  • NJ Reader
    2019-08-09 02:21

    Anything by John Perkins is outstanding. He is a life long martial artist and a retired police officer. He knows traditional, sport, and reality based martial arts. He has experienced real street violence and he knows what does and does not work.Some reviewers have criticized this book because it recommends purchasing the "Attackproof" instructional videos. The reviewers claim that those videos are too expensive and that the techniques are fancy and will not work; I wholeheartedly disagree."Attackproof" videos are not cheap, but that is because they contain the highest level of reality based martial arts instruction on the planet. These techniques will save one's life in a violent encounter. They are not fancy or complex; they are simple WW I I hand to hand combat tactics, enhanced with Combat Tai Chi and Native American ground fighting. "Attackproof" goes above and beyond Krav Maga, because it specifically focuses on the chaos of a vicious street or battlefield attack and how to prepare for it. It teaches one principles that will work in any situation, no matter how chaotic, confusing, or unexpected it is.I believe in the efficacy of Krav Maga; I am not trying to discredit it. I am simply saying that "Attackproof" addresses the chaotic nature of a vicious criminal or military cqb situation even more thoroughly than Krav Maga. "Attackproof" can be added to any training that one already has, including Krav Maga, to improve it.I recommend this book and I also recommend that readers go to and watch the sample videos to see for themselves how good this system really is.

  • LukeInVaUSA
    2019-08-19 00:56

    Perkins, Ridenhour and Kovsky provide a philosophy, tactics and techniques that are essential for anyone faced with a violent attack. Their advice is not for the weak of heart. But if you are willing to work at their techniques, you will be better prepared to avoid danger or effectively deal with it, should you be attacked. The whole genre of self-defense books, DVD courses and brick and mortar instruction is populated by BS artists, who profess themselves to be the world's most effective killing machines. Each of the gurus of mayhem want to sell us the solution to protecting ourselves from the seemingly ever-growing hordes of punks and thugs who want to do us harm, whenever we poke our heads out of our bunkers. I am not making light of the potential for being attacked, as we go about our daily lives. The danger is real, and too many good, law-abiding people are not equipped to protect themselves. Punks, perverts and thugs ambush those they believe are weak, and the toll they extort from the decent, innocent people going about their lives is too often terrible. Read, heed, and practice these principles. Then, get a concealed carry permit and join the NRA. Decent, law-abiding people must stick together.

  • L. Rizzo
    2019-07-24 23:09

    Fifty years ago, anything that wasn't boxing was "dirty fighting" and unmanly. But at that time even the bad guys followed some rules. Over the years as civility waned it became acceptable to learn martial arts, primarily as sports but also for self defense, as long as you didn't inflict permanent injury.Karate surfaced and it was ok to kick and punch. Years of "dojo dancing" but the goal still was to do the minimum. Recognizing it was necessary to be far more aggressive to survive modern attacks, a few more "street fighting" methods appeared, leading finally to books such as this one.This book realizes you haven't spent years in a dojo, that you may not be in the best shape, that you may be older or small. It recognizes you're aware the chances have increased that you may literally need to save your life. It assumes too that you might be carrying a handgun or other weapon.It rules out nothing and teaches you to do - in four seconds - whatever you need to do to stop a physical attack.It's filled with much of the same advice given in firearms classes: avoid confrontation, never escalate a situation, back away, run, hand over your wallet if you have to. But when all else fails you have the right to explode with deadly physical force, with any weapons you have.There's much more in this small book regarding adrenalin, immobilizing fear and other issues. It's an excellent book, which tends to build both confidence and a sense of responsibility.

  • troy bernal
    2019-08-17 23:16

    I love this manual you have to read it multiple times and chew on the drills for a bit. I recommend practicing each part diligently maybe a drill a day until familiar. The ground fighting and multiple fighting drills/principles is easy to learn and devastating. Their fright reaction entries are awesome. I do Combatives and this is an excellent supplement to it.